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Scientifically sound, tailor made and practical

We develop customised solutions and support you in every phase of your research project from the conception of the idea through to data collection and analysis and the application of our results. You receive all tailor made and practical services from one source. In doing this we combine a deep knowledge of the market with methodological expertise and deliver focused and effective results.


  • Briefing the customer in terms of defining goals and requirements
  • Desk research and expert interviews in collection of basic information
  • Development and coordination of concepts

Data collection

  • Written surveys (paper-and-pencil surveys)
  • Telephone surveys (CATI; computer-aided telephone interviews)
  • Programming of online questionnaires
  • Face-to-face (expert) interviews
  • Use of SMF databases/pools

Analysis and processing

  • Data analysis / plausibility checks
  • Uni-, bi- or multivariate analyses
  • Interpretation of results and formulation of recommendations
  • Results reports with graphs
  • Table reports

Application of results

  • Presentation of the results on site (workshops, road shows, etc.)
  • Preparation of the results into charts and texts for brochures, books, etc.
  • Coordination of media partnerships, management of public relations
  • Publication of results through exclusive media partners

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