SMF Databases

Access to experts and decision makers

The SMF databases/pools offer an extensive basis for interviewing difficult to reach target groups.

Example: SMF InvestorenPool (Institutional investors)

Access to >8,500 experts and decision makers in Germany and abroad. Differentiation by

  • investor group (insurance companies, capital management companies, pension funds, foundations, etc)
  • country/region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Europe, Asian, etc.)
  • function (CEO, CFO, CIO, Head of Asset Management, Head of Risk Management, Portfolio-Manager etc.)
  • Assets under Management (AUM), etc

Example: SMF BeraterPool (Consultants)

Access to >4,600 financial and investment consultants in Europe and Asian. Differentiation by

  • advisory group,
  • bank group,
  • country/region, etc

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